Facility Maintenance, HVAC, Commercial Refrigeration Crandall

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If you need help with your commercial property’s HVAC, heating, cooling or related services in Crandall then you are welcome to call us or e-mail us through the e-mail found on our Contact Page.  Here is more about building codes and inspection rules in Crandall:

We can offer you the following services:

  • HVAC and other heating and cooling repair, installation and design for your commercial property including warehouses, storage units, shopping centers, office buildings, churches, event venues and more
  • Commercial refrigeration repair and installation
  • Cold storage work
  • Portable air conditioning (including temporary rentals)
  • Specialty cooling:
    • Medical (hospitals, clinics, others)
    • Computer server rooms
    • Warehouses (including design and consulting on which equipment to purchase and install) + warehouse HVAC repair
    • Wine cellars
    • Other specialty areas requiring temperature control and cool environments
  • Facilities maintenance which will have us oversee licensed electricians, licensed plumbers, locksmiths, painting, carpentry and oversee contractors trained to handle emergencies to your property such as after flooding, power outages, etc.
  • Preventative maintenance programs for your property (click here for more)


Thank you for considering Demand Cooling and we look forward to helping you with your needs in Crandall for the services listed.